February 6, 2017-Perceptions


I think the plant tricked me, but I probably tricked myself.  I saw its lustrous, long spikes, and red winter bark and I assumed right away it must be for my heart.  A Hawthorn, I thought, oh, this is a good day.  I dug up the Russian Olive and went on my way.  He’s in the back yard.

I wanted to see a hawthorn, so I did.  I raced through my files to find out what tree it was, and forgot that olives have spikes too.  An innocent mistake, but there for awhile, I believed my version of the truth.

The trek around the lake that we go to when we can is at the end of the block and wondrously far, four miles we said, we looked at the pedometer on his phone and knew.  We found the map at the beginning of the trail, two and a half miles actually…funny, my body sure thought it was four!

Everyone’s versions of the truth to them are absolute and incomplete, merely versions of the actual truth, our perceptions masked by the impenetrable veil, limited by files of experience and reading, then add in memory, and oh my, we are in trouble.  So, friends, remember, if it is your truth, that is grand, it someone else has a differing version, it does not necessarily mean that one or the other is right or wrong, it’s just different to the beholder.  It is absolute truth to them.  All truths change and morph over time and journey.  Enjoy the journey and let your truths and opinions not be too rigid.