February 8, 2017-Traveling to Different Worlds


Where shall we go today?  We could go to a Witch Academy, or perhaps work in the kitchen on a plantation along side an Irish girl among southern slaves, or shall we go to Italy?  We could go to Italy and help a family bottle wine.  That is always fun.  We could go to Japan and learn Permaculture, or simply follow around an expert in farming.  Feel my hands in the soil and the sun on my face.  Just a few of the books I am reading right now.  The world is open to amazing possibilities once we open a book.  Those pages of prose, and history, and fun.  Of teachings, and laughter, and inspiration.  Of worlds we haven’t seen, and lives we can live for a moment at a time through the pages of a book.  If you aren’t reading a book right now, I do hope you’ll find time.  Head to the library or open an old love.  For in those moments by lamp light before bed we can leave our reality behind for awhile and see things from another perspective.  Travel to another world.  Encourage someone else to do the same.  The ability to read is a great gift.

If you are looking for a new book to read, check out my book, Farmgirl School on my website, WhiteWolfHerbs.com

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