February 10, 2017- The Real Life X-Men


“A gift can also be a curse. Give someone wings and they may fly too close to the sun. Give them the power of prophecy and they may live in fear of the future.” Charles Xavier

Every time we watch the Xmen movies, I think of how some of us really do have those types of powers.  Maybe not laser beams coming out of our eyes, but there are many abilities that people have had since the beginning of time.  They can make us fearful, or afraid, but they are a gift when used for the absolute good of others.

As I get older, my powers get stronger.  Maybe because I am allowing them to.

There was a time when people like me, HSP’s, clairvoyants, audiovoyants, and prophesy seers were viewed as crazy and many were put in asylums.  That made the last few generations very quiet about what they were able to do.  It made them tell us to not show people or tell people what we can do.  Secrecy=Protection.

Now, more and more folks are recognizing their innate abilities and intuitions, yet still most of the next generation are on drugs for ADD and ADHD and bi-polar, and god knows what else because those that are not like us do not understand why we cannot read the news, why we get overwhelmed when around suffering, or are forced to sit still, or why we “know” things.

It is an amazing time right now, where more and more people are coming to accept their gifts, young people are finding mentors, and the light workers are coming out of secrecy.  I never liked the term “psychic”.  It brought to mind a fake with a crystal ball, or…a crazy person.  When I was younger I could see and feel things.  As I got older I could see medical issues, then spiritual wounds, then spirits, then I could hear things.  I have prophetic dreams, read thoughts, and can see what medicine people need even if they are not in the room with me.  It often astounds me and I am no longer hiding the fact that I have near X-Men abilities.

So, for those of you out there who are hiding your abilities because you don’t think others will understand, or that you will be persecuted, or that it is all in your head, you are not alone.  There are many more of us out there than you can imagine.  It’s time for the light workers to embrace their work to help with this planet and its people.

What would your X-Men name be?