February 13, 2017-Changing the Manifestation Game


Sometimes the universe sends many messages at the same time.  I have heard the same theme and same words repeatedly in videos and by people.  My grandma sent me home with the movie, “The Secret,” and it all came together.

I had begun to wonder something.  I have manifested about everything I set out to seek.  Everything.  Then lose it….what am I doing wrong?

I turned the page to my most recent entry in my journal after watching that movie.  The things I needed to do to restore health.   I crossed out about every sentence.  I used the words “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, “don’t”, “need” and other negatives and it became clear.  I am confusing the universal circuit by asking for opposites.  “I am healthy.” “I have money in the bank.” (You have to say things with a straight face!)   I have read about the magic of vision boards several times this week.  I am positive.  I am…

I have been stating this mantra several times a day to retrain myself.

I am rich in every way.

I find abundance every day.

Passion, love, money, family, health,

I have all types of wealth.

I really am very grateful.

What is your mantra?

2 thoughts on “February 13, 2017-Changing the Manifestation Game

  1. Your “retrain” on how you are thinking and seeing things in your life is absolutely correct. Also, loving what we have even tho it is not exactly what we seek is the fasted way to attract what we seek. Focus, always on the positive, brings more positive.


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