February 14, 2017-Appreciation


Every one of us has a need.  It is the need to feel appreciated.  That we make a difference.  So many times we retire from a job, or the children grow up and move out, or we look at our work and think, “Do I really make a difference?”  “Does any of this even matter?”

Think of the bank teller that is always ready with a smile.  Think of the teacher that encourages your child.  Think of your spouse who does everything they can to make you happy.

When people hear negatives, they will always hold on to that longer than positives for some reason.  Negatives are louder, I think.  I know in my work I hope that I make a difference.  I hope I am appreciated in my work and family.  I know you hope that too.

Today, let our job be to lift folks up.  Think of one person in your day to day that without them your life wouldn’t be the same.  Whether it be a person that profoundly shaped and changed your life and your outlook, or someone who smiles at you each day, let’s tell them.  Let’s tell them they make a difference.  They are important.  They are appreciated.  Their work, their life, their smile, or their influence was/is appreciated.

Our greatest work here is to build people up.

(I appreciate all of those folks out there who read my blog.  It is exciting to see how many people read my work each day.  It makes me feel like my writing makes a difference.)

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