February 15, 2017-Stress and Illness


Stress breeds illness.  This we know without a doubt.  In every case of chronic disease that we come across in our apothecary we can link it to a trauma or chronic stress.  Within the law of attraction we learn that what we focus on, we attract.  That includes reading the news and negativity.  It includes focusing on bad times and what could happen.  It includes imagining an event to its end in one’s mind.  Any and all negative situations, whether they be a negative laden Facebook feed, remembering abuse as a child, or a bad case of the worry worts, can and will lead to illness.

I followed my swollen lymph nodes back to their inception.  Last year I worried and worked, worried and worked to get us back in a home and a place of security.  It made me nit picky and nagging.  It made me frustrated at misunderstanding customers, my husband, and all friends that posted nonstop political posts!  Gradually, my lymph nodes got worse.  I did not have a sore throat.  I suspected my throat chakra was to blame here.

I consulted my grandmother’s amazing book that uses numerology to give answers, I pulled cards on myself, then had Shyanne do tarot with her own.  And all three gave a very clear answer.  It was caused by frustration and worrying about work and finances.  I must stop worrying and I must negate negativity or it will get worse.

Oprah talks about how one’s body gives whispers, signs.  If we ignore them, we get a thump on the head.  If we ignore that, we end up in full blown crisis.  I was getting a thump on the head.  The whispers were done.

I will speak kinder.  I will be more compassionate.  More understanding.  More loving.  Eat well.  Juice.  Take care of myself.  Rest.  Let the universe take care of finances.  All is well.  Stress is never worth the problems that follow.