February 16, 2017-Knowing What You Want (manifesting part 1)



The interesting part of creating a vision board and starting the manifestation process is determining what one really wants.  Once we start writing notes and clipping pictures and setting spells and creating mantras and thinking, the ideas start to look different.

I have so many things that I want to do in this lifetime.  And every few years those things change.  Letting go of old ideas to let new ones come through is sometimes difficult.  My ideas range something like this; become the next Martha Stewart as Farmgirl (farmgirlschool.org), and travel around speaking about homesteading and decorating, and be a healer and find a Buddhist teacher, and get a wolf, and travel, and spend lots of time in my house in the woods..or the rambling adobe in New Mexico…or this beautiful one we just bought, and have lots of time with our children and take Maryjane with us lots of places, and have a bustling store, and a passionate marriage, and be completely healed, and have $100,000 in the bank by the end of March!  Oh, there’s more, people…there’s more.  Because my old ideas of who I am are colliding with the present ideas of who I am, they are getting muddled in the process.

If given the choice today, my day off, to can a bunch of items, bake bread, and clean and putz around the homestead OR go to the raptor sanctuary and take some good photos and visit plants and animals, well, I am doing the latter.  I am becoming more interested in experiencing and documenting and writing and being in love with plants, and nature, and animals, and in spirituality than I used to when I had a family to raise.

Let’s work on manifesting together, shall we?  Let’s start the process rolling.  First, what is the one thing you do, that you love, that you will do whether you get paid or not?  I do not get paid to write yet I will walk two miles to a coffee shop to find wifi to write if I have to.  I will always take time to write.  It is as natural as breathing to me.  I am a writer.  What are you? (Now, play along folks.  This is going to be life changing.  Respond below in the comments or on Facebook.)  Tune in tomorrow for the next step.