February 17, 2017-Healing (manifesting part 2)


This is not about instantly becoming a twenty-something blonde billionaire living in a Scottish Castle.  (Unless you happen to be twenty-something, and blonde, and want to live in a Scottish Castle!)  The things we are asking for from the universe are completely feasible.  We don’t have to know how it works, it just does.  Let’s start with healing.

I had arthritis as a child, chemical induced asthma as a young adult, a major head injury in my twenties, an arching back my whole life, TMJ so bad I had major headaches all the time.  They are all healed.  Every single ailment.  Whether on holy grounds, or overnight in my own bed, it just doesn’t matter, if you ask then firmly believe, you will be healed.  Doug’s knee was completely healed after asking.  Our family has seen myriads of healings.  In my work, I see them.  I also see when people don’t believe.  They won’t get well because their minds say they won’t.


When dealing with healings, you have to listen to your body.  Do you need to slow down?  Forgive someone?  Forgive yourself?  Eat better?  Was there a lesson learned by this?

Now, let it go.

I put blood stone against my lymph nodes.  I need to let go of any frustrations.  Speak kindly always.  Be better at nourishing myself.  Calm the heck down.  I lit a candle, placed it behind a large piece of clear quartz (yes, that is where the Hollywood idea of the crystal ball comes from) and set my intention.

The next morning I started detoxing.  I started my cycle early, craved green drinks, and my body detoxed out what was stagnant.  Our bodies can do that.  They are amazing.  By the end of the day  my lymph nodes were back to normal.

Be grateful now.  Do not keep wondering if you are going to get sick again, that it is coming back.  Adamantly and often say, thank you for my healing!  For it is done.