February 18, 2017-Money (manifesting part 3)


It can break up families and relationships.  Those that have money have it at the expense of those that don’t.  There are many things money gets blamed for.  If you grew up without a lot of money and if your parents didn’t feel real good about money, then you may have some images to reverse in your mind.

Money is made from the elements of earth.  It is simply made from trees and minerals.  It comes and goes freely.  It is benign.  Money is not good nor bad, it is an element.

I read an article about how to be a successful farmer, though it applied to any entrepreneur.  The point that stuck with me the most was that if you are not making money you will not be around very long to continue helping people with your products.

The Law of Attraction may be working against many of us in the realm of money because of our attitudes towards it.  I know I am not the only one with seventy-seven cents in my bank account.  I catch myself saying often, “I can’t afford that.”  “We have too much debt.”  We are renewing our vows next week and it sure does seem like we have been poorer more than richer.  Money-wise anyway.

Change our wording and the game changes.  First of all, repeat after me, “There is nothing wrong with being wealthy.”  If I had some chi-ching I could help my children out with their dreams.  Help my friends out in their times of need.  Heck, help us out in our time of need!  Be more charitable.  See the world while I am here.  Create memories.  I don’t know about you, but I am sure tired of being poorer.  My vision is limited because I don’t know what richer looks like.

Back in the fall we had a crazy turn out for my classes.  We made $20,000.  It was amazing.  It helped get us get a much needed car that starts every day and a down payment for a house.  That seemed like a ton of money to us, what would five times that be?  Ten times that be?  It is just an element.  It is nothing for the universe to provide that if we ask.  We are only here once to learn and if we are always struggling, how can we do our best work?

Jim Carey tells the story of writing himself a check for ten million dollars.  Every day he would drive somewhere and act out his eventual fate.  He’d visualize that directors loved him and that he made a living as an actor.  He dated the check three years in the future.  Just as the three years was coming up, the check falling apart in his wallet, he got a check for ten million dollars for his movie, Dumb and Dumber.  There are many stories like this out there.  We got just what we needed, really what we asked for to get the house and car.  We limited ourselves.  I am done being broke.  How about you?

Stay tuned as we fine tune our gifts so that we are ready to make some money, live fully, and be who we want to be.  We understand we have to work for it!