February 19, 2017-The Vision Board (manifesting part 4)



Write a paragraph of what you would like to do in your life.  No limitations.  Would you like to take a Flamenco dance class in Spain?  Eat croissants in France?  Turn the yard into a garden?

Or is there more life altering things you are seeking?  Perhaps you can’t pinpoint exactly what that is.  I know my friend, Jamie, would love to quit her job, stay at home with her kids, and start an apothecary.  If stuck looking at finances and time and such, she will get discouraged.  But, as we have learned in many instances in our life, we don’t have to plan out everything.  We put it out there and it comes back.  Doors open, we meet certain people, an amazing idea enters our head, things change.

“Once you make a decision, the whole universe conspires to make it happen,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Believe it.

In this process we may start to confuse ourselves because things we really, really wanted may not actually be in line with our desires now.  I noticed this when I was cutting out pages in magazines for my vision board.  Whenever I came across a page, a picture, an article that made my breath catch and my eyes open wider, I tore it from the magazine.  It looks very, very different than it would have a year ago.


There was a page in Sunset magazine this month of a photographer, a lovely girl, with photographs of herself in beautiful, glorious places accompanied by her wolf hybrid.  Clip.


There was an article about a family that grew all of their own medicines (in Hawaii no less) and had on staff herbalists and gardeners and made all their own herbal products.  Not too far from what I am doing but it still excites me so I clipped that out too.

I love the spotlight, no lying.  I love speaking to groups.  I love receiving letters from readers.  I love being recognized at shows.  Bit of a diva if we must be honest.


I love traveling with my husband.  I love seeing new things, experiencing new foods, new wines, new sights, visiting friends.

I love writing, creating, gardening, and herbalism.  I love plants.  I love their medicinal properties, their magical powers, their reactions to the world around them, their life.  I love making medicine, growing medicine, speaking about medicine.  I want to inspire.  I want to encourage.  I want to heal.


I do not know how this all will play out together.  I don’t have to know.  I know I want to finally get paid for speaking!  I want some financial security.  I want to be with my husband and family as much as possible.  Life is short.  The universe will pull all of this together for me.  Do you know what magazine clippings were missing?  There were no sheep.  No goats.  No vast farms or ranches.  A huge garden with chickens outside an old rambling adobe in New Mexico (complete with helpers), but no farm.  Didn’t see that coming.

Start printing things off of pinterest or clipping pages from magazines and compile an image.  What excites you?