February 21, 2017- The Final Touches (manifesting part 6)


Whether it be a wish on a star, a goal written in a journal, a spell cast, or a prayer candle lit, it is all the same thing.

  1. Visualize dream
  2. Write it out, collect pictures, imagine it in your mind.
  3. Be precise.  The universe is rather detail orientated.  I read in a book that someone went to manifesting a partner who likes to travel.  She found such a man, he loved to travel…alone!
  4. Believe it, speak it, know it, be grateful.
  5. Light a candle, say a prayer, spell, mantra, incantation, let it go…
  6. Now what happens is pretty cool.  You may start having images or dreams telling you what to do.  Your body may want to move more or you no longer crave a certain food, you may read an idea on how to pursue your dream job, doors open (doors close), you meet the right people.  The whole universe swirls and changes to give you that desire.

We are here on a journey.  We are able to ask for what tools we need.  How can we be our highest self and do the work we were intended to do if we are always struggling, lonely, and not having fun?  I don’t buy into the “we are here to struggle” ideal.  Please.  We are interconnected with the entire universe with all of its amazing networks.  We help nature, it helps us, ancestors helped our ancestors, we are helped by ours.  Elements, spirits, and Spirit will help us on our journey.  We just have to ask and believe.


I will keep you posted on our manifestations.  Already a few of them have started, and of course we manifested this new home.  I would very much love to hear about yours as they unfold.