February 26, 2017-Passions


memeWhy do some folks have this intense desire to farm and others want to live around books and treasures?  Some want to travel.  Some want to stay home.  Some want families.  Some not.  Some love to create art.  Some are just happy being around people.  Do not ignore your passions.

I admit I am a bit of a spotlight hog.  I can hardly stay in my seat waiting for my turn to sing karaoke.  I love speaking to crowds.  I love being recognized as a writer or artist or herbalist.  I kind of always thought that was a bad thing.  You know, ego and always wanting attention were definitely told to me by society and family to be wrong.

I also love the vision of solitude, a cabin in the woods, a walk along a stream, the sound of birds and my breath.  I love the sounds of silence.  Natural voices and quiet thoughts.  The resplendent space of resetting one’s energy.

These two always seemed opposite to me but as I get older I realize that they are very much hand in hand.  If I did not like being in the spotlight, how could I spread words of encouragement and enlightenment?  How could I share inspiration and entertain?  The moments of hermitism are just as lovely in their rest and ability to inspire.  I want to see the world and cook in my own kitchen by candlelight.  My purpose here requires all of these things.  To help people heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I see this coming to light stronger each day.

What are you most passionate about?  What excites you?  What makes your eyes wider and your breath catch when you see it or read about it?  Even if it seems like it doesn’t match the idea of “true purpose”, embrace it, for passions are the layers of our purpose and life here on earth.

2 thoughts on “February 26, 2017-Passions

  1. I sometimes look back at my life, amazed at how my passions have changed over time. But with a little reflection I can see a pattern in the changes, an evolution towards the person I believe I was meant to be. It makes me wonder what my passions will be in 20 years, if my journey is to continue. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.


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