February 27, 2017-Hag Stones


hag-stoneOne could look and look for days and not find it.  Then in a moment, one could look down and find the gift.  A hag stone.


A hag stone is miraculous for its age alone.  It takes thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years for a pebble to create a perfect hole in a stone in the water.  These stones were thought to be very lucky over the centuries.  It is called hag stone because it was thought to protect self and property from hags, or bad witches, as the case may be.  If you look through the hole at dusk you can see magical creatures.  In all my years of collecting and seeing rocks, I have never seen a rock with a perfect hole in it.  Until the last few weeks when I found not one, but two hag stones! Very lucky indeed.

Keep your eye out for these lovely gifts from the wee folk, fairies, or by universal good luck to add to your collection of protective and historical stones.

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