February 28, 2017-Empowerment


If something is misunderstood, a group that can benefit from it will then label it and profit off of “fixing it”.  We can get rid of groups of people by labeling and spreading fear.  We can create a vast empire of seed ownership and mutation in the name of stopping starvation.  Or we can label diseases and make folks think there is only one way to cure them.  When did we release our power?  When did we let disease, and even simple illnesses, create fear and let us give up our inner wisdoms?

Do you know very many people that are not on a slew of medications?  I know very few.  My work includes helping people understand that they have valid alternatives and that they can take their healing back into their own hands.  When we lose hope, we lose.

Speak to a real healer and do your own research.  Cancer can be linked to loss.  Many skeletal issues linked to diet.  Anxiety and stress rules the roost in the world of ailments.  And a simple cold can be treated easily with fruits and spices.  Autism is as spiritual as it is physical.  Attention Deficit Disorder is a mode of creativity, not an ailment.

The key to finding peace with labeled ideas and real ailments is to understand them.  Don’t let a monopoly tell you what is wrong with you and what medicines and surgeries you need to fix it.  YOU fix it.  Find healers.  Find your inner healer.  There are powerful plant medicines.  Healing stones.  Meditations.  Foods that heal different things.  Seek to understand and you will find the answer.


I am here to help you.  It is my life’s work to help bring hope, empowerment, and healing back to individuals.  WhiteWolfHerbs.com is my website.  303-617-3370 is my phone number if you want to talk.