March 31, 2017-Protection for an Empath

  Empaths are powerful creatures but empathy can be their own demise.  Empaths can sense things around them, pick up other people's emotions, literally feel their heart hurt when someone they love is hurting, sometimes many miles away.  They have heightened senses and can sense danger.  They feel love immensely.  They feel sadness intensely.  This … Continue reading March 31, 2017-Protection for an Empath

March 30, 2017-Who Reads These Words

The world is quiet.  I quieter still. The dawn has come and sits ever thinking. The silence that permeates the morning air is the space to mend. Remembrance of dreams that come to wake.  Of answers and coffee and planning dates. To hear the clock tick as I breathe in the sounds of birds just beginning to … Continue reading March 30, 2017-Who Reads These Words

March 28, 2017-The Enchanted Forest

No matter the weather, the forest is always enchanting. The air has a perfumed complexity.  I breathe deeply attempting recognition. Scents of floral, pine, vanilla, earth, mineral, rain permeates and intoxicates my senses into ethereal bliss. The brooding mountain yonder threatens storm. I lead an enchanted life.  My inner child is alive with joy as I … Continue reading March 28, 2017-The Enchanted Forest

March 27, 2017-High Vibration Food

Where the wild foods live.  That would be a clever name of a book.  Wild food has ten times more nutrition than cultivated.  There is not enough wild foods left to feed each and every person so cultivated is also important.  Your own cultivated plants in your beautiful garden will have higher vibration and nutrition than … Continue reading March 27, 2017-High Vibration Food

March 25/26, 2017-Forgiveness and Light

There is not a person alive that doesn't look back with the sharp pain of regret.  With wisdom that comes with age and time and experience when we realize what we should have done, what we would do we now, and sometimes can torture ourselves thinking, "If I could only go back..." My child was … Continue reading March 25/26, 2017-Forgiveness and Light

March 24, 2017-Wild Elements

She came in the night like a thunderous team of Percherons, their steely hooves freeing everything from its place, the driver howling like a banshee in the night.  Within Grandmother Wind's carriage were the Rain Beings I had spoken to the other day.  About our intense fire danger and the dryness and asked if they … Continue reading March 24, 2017-Wild Elements