March 1, 2017-Rituals (part 1)


Even though we humans love adventures, we are very much creatures of habit.  Habit is comfort in many ways.  Rituals throughout the day can ground us, connect us, and help us turn inward, to increase mindfulness.  Rituals put us in the present moment.  They become sacraments.

In the book, Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel, there is a scene painted in print that has stayed with me.  The author is in India staying at a host’s home.  He finds the man after a day of work outside with a candle lit quietly preparing food.  The air is silent and a mindful creation of sustenance takes place.  Each moment becomes its own sacrament and ritual.

The famous tea ceremonies of Japan, or the prayers uttered by monks in Tibet, the old scenes of American Indians greeting the dawn upon rising and splashing water over their faces from the streams.  Grace before meals is a ritual.

There are many customs and rituals in this wide expanse of world.  They reel us in, connect us with the Divine, with the Earth, and with ourselves, as well as others around us.  Let us explore rituals that we can incorporate into our own lives.

What rituals do you already perform?

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