March 2, 2017-Morning (rituals part 2)


The morning brings with it a fresh beginning.  The problems of the prior day have not caught up and the dawn rises steadily announcing that we live another day.  The birds sing and the air is still with whispers of what the day might bring.

Starting the day with a positive outlook and renewed hope helps keep the day filled with good events and joy.  If you are able to wake at dawn, do so.  There is something about greeting the sun in the quiet of the new day that breathes life into our purpose and spirit.

Light a candle.  Candles are wondrous in helping prayers form.  In every culture candles are used to focus the mind and deliver messages.  Sit calmly in front of the candle.  A few of your favorite stones or gems will be alight with the flickering flame.  I put my “Wildflower Meditation/Chakra Oil” ( on each chakra point and mindfully imagine the colors.

Chakras Woman Description English

Violet shoots from the top of my head connecting me to Creator and the vastness of the universe.

Indigo lights in the center of my forehead and I ask that I will have clarity.

Turquoise on my throat helps me to know when to speak and when to listen.

Green and pink surround my heart.  May I be compassionate and loving to all I meet and to myself.

The beautiful yellow/orange below my sternum looks to me like a sunflower or calendula.  All my power and creativity and intuition lives here and anxiety too.  Taking care of the anxiety helps put me back in control of my actions and perceptions.

Orange/red below my navel reminds me to be human.  Sensual, enjoy the tastes, sounds, smells, sights, and the feel of things around me.  Be alive.

And at the base of my spine the brown/red of roots.  I imagine the roots penetrating the earth.  The violet light connecting me to the skies above, the star people, where my soul has soared, the roots of trees shooting from my tailbone into the great Mother Earth.

I am connected to all things.  Everything is connected to me.  I am one with all things and they are one with me.

I note my intentions for the day.  I say everything I am grateful for, a long list indeed.  I quiet my mind and listen.  What words come to you?  What visions?

Stretch, join the day, pour a cup of coffee.  Good morning!

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