March 3, 2017-Tea Time (rituals part 3)


daily-tea-3There must be enough old English in my DNA to cause this very odd occurrence.  Every day, oh about mid-day, my mind is alerted of the time and declares it to be tea time!

My mother must have the same genetic influence because we grew up loving tea.  Tea with a lump or two of sugar (Yes, she bought sugar in lumps.  Rather fun!) and a bit of cream in dark tea is just beyond delicious.


As a child I had the Tuesday Tea Party for a time.  Using the miniature tea set my grandparents had sent me for Christmas and real invitations I could invite one or two friends over for high tea.  It was great fun.  Still, I love my afternoon (and morning and evening) tea.

I wish I had time each day to prepare delicacies and such and sit around a proper tea with my husband or friends, but my cups of tea are just as fine.  There are a few rules though.

1- One mustn’t drink tea out of an ordinary mug.  A smaller, more delicate vessel is required.  If it has lovely print and a good fit in your hand, all the better.


My dear friend, Rod, gave me these dishes at our house warming party. He said that Kat, whom I called mom, wanted me to have these when we got our new home.  They were her grandmother’s.

2- Loose tea brewed in a basket has a stronger, fresher quality but a tea bag will certainly do.

3- Black teas are lovely with a bit of sugar and cream.  Brew strong and then add the additions.  Green teas benefit from a little honey, as do herbals.  The greens and herbals can sometimes be just as delicious without sweet, so as to not cover their delicate intricacies.  A  little maple syrup makes a fine sweetener in chai or subtly flavored black teas if you want something different.

4- A pot of tea assures seconds.  It is easy to walk by and pour another cup.


5- Slowly bring the cup to your face.  Close your eyes.  Let the steam touch your skin.  Smell the beautiful plants within the cup.  Take a sip.  Savor the flavor.  Be still.

Tea is a sacrament, a ritual worth doing.  Full of anti-oxidants (anti-cancer) and numerous medicinal properties, the simple act of rehydrating can be a beautiful aspect of each day.