March 4, 2017-Evening (rituals part 4)


It seems like we blink and it is evening.  The days zooming past faster than is comfortable.  Our dreams reflect our fears, ideas, and joys so it is important to go to bed feeling relaxed and happy.  A lovely dinner with loved ones around a table (doesn’t matter whose table) is a perfect way to start the evening.  A warm bath and sweet music is beautiful way to end the evening.  It takes us sometimes two hours to get home from our shop.  By then my back is hurting, I struggle to get dinner on the table, and then it is time for bed.  I’m frazzled to the hilt and I need to come down.

A few moments of silence is precious and none too easy to come by, but if you can find a few minutes to yourself, that is ideal.  Sometimes if you are home alone silence can be deafening, in that case, put on some soothing music.

Light a candle, sit comfortably.  You mind may still be spinning from the day.  The key is stepping back out of yourself and becoming an observer.  Look at each emotion and memory as it comes and allow it to be heard then released.  Saying what you are grateful for that day is calming.  Think of intentions for the next day then come to present.  A few graceful stretches can be incorporated.  Maybe listen to a short inspirational video or clip from You Tube.  I like clips from Oprah or other inspirational speakers.

Prepare some tea.  Read before bed.  Take care not to watch television or to use cell phones or other electronic devices.  The LED lights disrupt sleep patterns and information tends to wind us up!  Lower lighting, a book, and warm tea signals the body that it is time to go to sleep.

I finish with my “Full Moon Dream Oil” ( which we use to assure good dreams (we use this oil for PTSD, night terrors, and general anxiety as well) and breathe deeply.  Good night, tomorrow is a new day!

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