March 5, 2017-Truly Alive


gravesThere is nothing quite like walking through a graveyard to make you feel more alive.  The leaves from autumn crunched under our feet as the filtered sun shone through the pines, dappling the graves, catching a squirrel heading off with a fake flower.

We wandered amongst the graves, feeling every breath in our lungs.  Infants barely alive for a moon; they would be over a hundred if alive today.  Centurions, grandmothers, brothers.

The names thrill me.  Never do we hear young ones being named Mamie, or Blanche, Dolly, or Etta.  Nationalities represented from McCade to Goldsmith dot the landscape intermingled in harmony.  We stumble across a gentleman who fought in the Spanish/American war. Lives whispered with little detail amongst the silent stones.


“Please don’t forget me,” Doug’s grandma, who we called Bubie, reminded us.  Adamant, she was so fearful of being forgotten.  We will remember her.  Our children will too.  They may tell stories of her to their little ones but they will only know her as a name, Sylvia.

We move on.  Not heaven or hell, but back to the matter and universe from whence we came, all miraculous, back to our Source.  We will all become interesting names on a sleeping stone.  But our energies, experiences, the things we did while here will change the frequency, the vibrations, and our love and positivity will still ripple through the air currents of tomorrow.

We are all here but for a minute.  Honor the past, bid greetings to the deceased (they can hear you), and look forward to the future, but most importantly of all, be here today.  Love fiercely.  Forgive.  Love.  Laugh.  Take a walk.  Be and breathe.  Today you are alive.

2 thoughts on “March 5, 2017-Truly Alive

  1. Mom and I always enjoyed walking graveyards together. I kinda find it interesting that she didn’t want to be buried. I suppose that is why we need to find a comfortable place for her to rest where we can go to visit.


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