March 6, 2017-Observer and Sage


It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world.  Of human emotions and memories, of day to day tasks and fear.  It is easy to get stuck in one’s head or to follow a mass blindly.  It is easy to believe everything we hear and it is also easy to trick ourselves into believing a perception.  It is easy to become too busy to walk upon the earth in bare feet or to sit in the sun, face lifted.  It is easy to become so absorbed in our human life that we can no longer hear the birds.

We see the lovely image of a guru or sage, or medicine woman or wise elder.  The quiet wisdom and knowing smile.  The balanced emotional state of being.  The peacefulness of heart.  How do we live like this?  How do we truly become our inner sage?

We must step out of the chaotic spider webs of small human existence and step back.  Become an observer.  Step out of yourself for a moment and look around.  What do you see?  I see an untidy kitchen, a few ants that have snuck in, I hear the clock ticking, I hear the fierce wind upon the roof, I hear the cats trying to wake my husband up, I hear the nonchalant hum of the refrigerator.  Simple things.

In any setting, what does our mind do?  In a moment’s notice I could be thinking of the book I am reading, wondering how we are coming up with the money for the IRS, watching the wind with worry, thumbing through facebook, or making a to-do list.  We spend an inordinate amount of time wondering, wishing, worrying.  Throw in pesky emotions like anger, frustration, elation then some preconceived notions and memories and then dream of the future and we are lost to the present.


As often as you can, bring yourself to the space of an observer.  Step back.  If you die today, will that situation matter tomorrow?  Will you remember this next year?  Why are those emotions rising?  What is the other person feeling?

If I die tomorrow the only thing that matters is how I made people feel.  It is how little my footprint on the earth was.  It only matters that I expressed love and compassion with every breath.  The only way to do that is to step back and be the observer so that you can clearly see any situation with your inner sage.