March 7, 2017-Creating a Yoga Space


Creating a sacred space is a beautiful thing.  To carve out a quiet spot for reflection is a gift to oneself.

In the yoga space in the living room that I originally set up, I give a nice show to the folks at the bus stop and have four cats assisting me with poses and shredding my yoga mat.  A young cat around your ankles makes some yoga moves particularly daunting.

I quiet my mind to meditate but hear Doug on his IPOD listening to videos on facebook.

I light a candle, sit comfortably and have to get up to stop the cats from wrestling.

I needed a new space.

We weren’t going to make a yoga space in the guest room because if we have guests, we can’t use it!  Then we thought about how often we have guests.  Our granddaughter comes every Friday night and sleeps in our bed.  We may have guests in the future (mattresses on the guest bed would help) but most of the time we have a quiet space with a door that we can use.

I got to work painting.  Maryjane wanted her room (the guest room) pink, so a beautiful petal pink it became with brown trim.  The guest bed snug against the wall left just enough space for stretching and yoga and quiet meditation.

yoga 4

Now, hiding an old, ugly television has its limits even for this decorator, but a few rosy linens pretends to cover.

yoga 3

Candles, as you know, are a must for quiet contemplation.

yoga 2

Yoga DVD’s and magazines are near.  Yoga Girl, as we call her, sits ready to lead the meditation.

yoga 6

And Linus is ready to do yoga….

yoga 5

Creating a space for yourself to reset and just be is a powerful step towards peace and tranquility throughout the day.