March 8, 2017-Many Pinnacles

I didn’t know she was gone.  I didn’t know she had left.  Or maybe she just changed.


I hadn’t read my book in a long time but was reading through it to check for any missed typos and such.  I laughed and read raptly as if I had never read this book before.  I finished it satisfied and sat a little awkwardly in silence for a bit.  In less than two years how is it that I do not recognize myself in the main character?  We had a lovely time on our farms.  And we learned everything we set out to master.  I felt like a failure to be forced away (maybe renting farms wasn’t the best idea?) and I was sure we would be back.

isabel 2

In less than two years I have changed, it seems.  Molded, chiseled, morphing.  Maybe the caterpillar wants to go back to munching grass and living the life it knew, but now it finds itself in a cocoon knowing it is not possible to go back.

isabel 3

Do we view our lives as one pinnacle?  One giant walk up hill then all downhill from there?  I think the truth is, our lives are made of many pinnacles.  It is no use going up that last mountain again for I am half way up the next!  I have dreams and visions and images of myself that I am pursuing…

isabel 4

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