March 9, 2017-Sudden Inspiration

forest 2

Have you ever had that feeling?  You are open to the expanse of network throughout the universe for an idea or a mission and then upon seeing something, or tasting something, or reading something, a myriad of perfect ideas come forth?  A book, or speech, or painting, or idea?

As we drove through the sleepy town of Beulah, winding down a road between thick pines and snuggled houses, I had a vision.  Like photographs, quickly being thumbed through to tell a story.

forest 3

Do you recognize that feeling?  My eyes sprung open, my breath deepened, I felt giddy and searched for paper to write it down.  The image of myself, the book, the retreat center, the speaking events, the travel, the medicines, the classes and healing begun within the retreat center, the gifts given to others through knowledge already collected and the peace restored to the recipient.

A quick and clear image in snap shots given to me unexpectedly while driving through the forest.  An image of what my life would be…


Be open to inspirations and sudden visions.  Be open to being an instrument of healing for the world and you will find great ideas land upon you.  Keep a notebook handy.