March 10, 2017-The Most Beautiful Celebration

Out of all the holidays there are, the many celebrations, perhaps the most beautiful of all are birthdays.  We tend to say, “Oh, I’m not celebrating anymore.” Or, “I’m going backwards now!” But in truth, from age one to one hundred and three and beyond, the simple act of celebrating one’s arrival day on earth is something to really be mindful of.

Two of my friends this morning are mourning their children.  One was born suddenly deceased, her mother posting photos of the dear hand, of heart wrenching mementos.  And one will be taking her child off the machines that keep him alive.  He is ten.
I have dear ones in their eighties, I have dear ones in their youth.  I have loved and lost friends and family of all ages and each day among the living remains dear.  I try to be mindful and present around each person I meet.

bday 2

The past two days we have been celebrating two of my favorite people’s birthdays.  My beloved husband’s, and his almost birthday present, our granddaughter, Maryjane’s.  What joyous fun we had.


What beautiful days these are upon the earth.  Through thick tears of loss, or side bending laughter, of heart moments, and quiet breath as we view an open sky of stars.  Yes, birthdays are the most beautiful of all celebrations.  Enjoy them, be proud of them, and celebrate the people around you.