March 12, 2017-Protect Your Mind


I was the kid that had to sneak into, not just rated R movies, but PG-13 movies too!  (My mother always knew.  Some mysteries of the universe will never be figured out!)  I never understood why she was so adamant that I only watch Disney movies.  It was very important to her that we protect our minds.

I wasn’t as strict with my own children, but I did try to instill the same principle.  “Protect your brain!” I’d tell them.  Watch what you read.  Careful what you watch.  Once you put it in your brain, it doesn’t leave.  Recently my son told me, “Mom, I know what you meant now!”

My son and I, along with a lot of the world, are in the highly sensitive population.  A horror movie will become months of nightmares.  An espionage book will become anxiety for days.  These things will replay over and over in my mind.  Is that what I want swarming around in my mind?

Everyone can benefit from protecting their minds.  If one reads inspirational material in the morning instead of a politically charged Facebook feed, how will their day begin?  If one reads the news before going to bed instead of a good book, what will remain in their mind?  The mind is abstract and intense, multi-layered and directly connected to your destinies  and the person you are becoming, the brain should be protected.

I find that the most sadistic books gain incredible popularity.  We are shocked at flogging in the middle east and beatings around the world but then devour and cheer books like Outlander, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and 50 Shades of Gray.  What does that do to one’s brain?

What would the world look like in our minds if we were to only fill them with goodness and positivity.  Positive memes and inspiring poetry.  Inspirational writings and creative and enchanting film.  Would the anxiety levels of the individuals in our society decrease?  Would we be more hopeful and more creative?  Would we be more cheerful and loving?

inner peace

Protect your mind.  Protect your brain.  Moments are quick and our days fast, let’s fill them with beauty and books and films that encourage our own peace so that we can be a force of inspiration in the world.



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