March 13, 2017-Muses and Spirit Names

On the cusp of sleep it is easy to jump to the next dimension.  A place of neither here nor there.  Mine is a land of gnomes, a stream passes through, there are bonfires and night skies, animals, and guides.  I lead people to their own lands in guided meditations.  It is not a place of the mind, but a real physical place.  Last night was magical with the full moon.  In this dimension I seamlessly become the owl.  I can fly, see through the eyes of an owl, I actually become an owl.  It scared me when it first happened.  I have been asking the universe for some time for my spirit name.  My Indian name from birth is Wildflower that my mother gave me. It suits me well being an herbalist and nature girl with a mind of my own.  But it didn’t speak to me as my name.  Last night the gnomes told me my name (for now).  Owl Song.  I thought for sure it would be something with wolves.  They explained that the wolf is my companion, but my name is Owl Song.  I have written about the owls and their messages to us as our lives change and unfold.  We see them often.

moon face

The full moon was beautiful last night and Doug captured photos with his new camera.  At one point we kept looking at the moon and could see a face emerge as clear as my hand.  That of a Native elder or even Green Man.  It is the moon of Ostara after all.  A time of new beginnings and blossoms.

I called the quarters and lit the candles.  A spell is simply prayers spoken.  A more intensified way to set intentions.  A way to use all of our learnings about the elements, little people, spirits, and guides to help us achieve our highest self and dreams.  To allow ourselves to be used as a conduit for the universe and Great Spirit to bring health and healing to the world.  I am ready to become my truest and most beloved self.  Visions of what that looks like sweep through my mind.  Not quite clear yet, but I am gathering my muses to help the path along.  I know that I want to help people find that inner place of peace that is unfettered.  A beautiful retreat where the truest form of self emerges and creativity and answers unfold.

model 4

The photo of myself captured by my husband is one of the muses.  Yesterday he tried out his new camera as we walked around the lake by our house.  I was a professional model for years so I can pose and do fake smiles for weeks.  But this particular shot he caught me in a moment of giddiness as a burst of warm air traveled past us.  That kind of joy.  Can we harness that?  Keep that for the every day?


The pillow I came across, in none other than a store called Farmgirl, is the epitome of what I want to help people (and myself) achieve.

And finally the magic of the unseen.  The unknown.  Beyond our media and family made images of the normal of life in all its chaos, nothing beyond, nothing within, live, suffer, die, there lives and reigns a world of magic and candles and moon and unexplained happenings.  That is the world I want to introduce people to.

What are your muses?  What would you like to shed this spring, and what would you like to see transpire?