March 15, 2017-The New Beauty (part 1 Redefining)

What is your perception of beauty?  Be honest.

model 5

22 or so years ago

Various time periods and places determine what the current mode of beauty is.  And against our best efforts, we generally follow it.  Now, I am still the same Victoria Secret’s size I was when I was modeling some odd years ago but I notice the subtle (and not so subtle) signs of age.  I feel brilliantly more beautiful with make up on, though it is my nemesis and gets in my eyes and smears, and makes me feel at best like a clown, and at worst like Tammy Faye Bakker.  When I saw Alicia Keys on television without a slick of makeup on I realized that somewhere along the lines I, myself, was blindly following the status quo.  Makeup=Beauty.  Have I believed that since my first bit of makeup at age twelve?  Who tells us these initial biases of beauty that stick with us through time?


made up

I had a friend growing up who never wore makeup.  She was so beautiful.  I haven’t seen her in twenty years but I ran across a photograph of us at her wedding.  It shocked me that she was not in fact physically beautiful.  During our ten years of friendship I thought she was the loveliest woman alive.   What was I seeing?  Her heart, perhaps.


au natural

We can whine about the media and society telling us what to look like all we want but in the end, it is the individual that determines what beauty is.  What does beauty look like?  Feel like?  How do we surround ourselves with it?  How do we bask in it?  How do we become the very essence of it?  How do we rewrite the status quo?  How do we make ourselves feel like the epitome of natural beauty?  Let’s explore, shall we?



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