March 16, 2017-The New Beauty (part 2 Beautifying Drink)

Establishing a few routines can make all the difference in one’s outlook on life, how they feel, how they act, how they are viewed by the world, and their influence on the world.  We are defining beauty here.  Forget green eyeliner (though it does make blue eyes amazing!) and the newest diet (which diet has a lot of pasta?), we are embracing ourselves at this very moment exactly how we are.  For you are handsome right this moment.  At the end of this series I hope you will see yourself with new eyes and a beautiful new outlook.


Let us work from the inside out, yes?  Beauty shows through the body and the spirit.  Excess weight, flaky skin, depression, as well as joy, clarity, and energy are all affected by diet and in return, the way we treat people and the world around us.

Let’s start from the beginning with a really antioxidant and nutrient rich drink.  Something to revitalize the cells, cleanse the digestive system, and kill cancer cells.  Something to nourish us in our day.  My old Vitamix has seen better days so it can’t chew through apples and such like it used to.  So, I bring a juicer in with the blender to really incorporate a lot more nutrients in a tasty vacation-esqe drink.

green 4

In the Juicer

Here is our base.  Juice 8 cups (a big bunch) of greens.  Think collard greens, chard, dandelions, kale, spinach, etc.

1 cup of aloe vera.  Yes, the funky plant in the kitchen window, or you can get large leaves at the health food store.  The gelatinous quality to the aloe is amazing for healing wounds.  When taken internally it does the same thing.  Healed ulcers, soothed shot nerves, and the ability to heal faster are all gifts of the aloe.

4 carrots

3 apples

1 pear

A 2 inch chunk of ginger

A 1 inch piece of turmeric

These are all just ideas.  This will give you roughly 3 cups of base.

green 2

In the Blender

To make 4 cups of delicious vacation-esqe, healing, beauty creating drink pour 1 1/2 cups of base into blender.

Add 2 bananas

1/2 cup of frozen fruit

1 Tablespoon of coconut butter

1 Tablespoon of honey or maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

A handful of oats

Juice (not from concentrate), cashew milk (try chocolate), and/or coconut milk or coconut water to make 4 cups.

Blend well and serve in wine glasses.  Drink daily.

(Other food things to keep in mind; if one has digestive issues it may be important to remember that our digestive systems are set up like an herbivore’s, not a carnivore and it takes a full two days for poultry and meat to get through the system.  A plant based diet can improve any number of ailments, and indeed make one feel lighter and more joyous.  And more beautiful.)