March 17, 2017-The New Beauty (part 3 Reflections)


A very handsome man walks past you but all you see is the grief or worry on his face.  See, beauty isn’t necessarily the physical mass you carry around with you.  That is not, in fact, what people see at all.  It is not what you see either.  You will see what you view as a reflection.  Fill your life with beauty and beauty follows you.  You are a mirror.  If one only watches the news, fears the future, mourns for lost loves, worries about illness, and loses hope in their day, that is what people will see written across their face.


On the other hand if one were to stop and take a closer look at the cherry blossoms, lean over a bee at work, notice the smile of their partner, stop and really talk to their pets, read inspirational work to start the day, meditate quietly in front of a candle, hold the door open and compliment someone, that is the beauty that will be reflected.  Smiles, and spring, and hope, and light is beauty.  Today, surround yourself and notice the very sweetest and beautiful of moments and let them be your reflection to the world.