March 18, 2017-The New Beauty (part 4)


model 3Confidence seems to be an inner knowing bubbling up to the surface, widening one’s smile, and creating a twinkling eye.  Confidence is the gals walking down the runway in ridiculous clothing and OWNING it.  Walk like that.

Believe me, skinny people get just as much or more pressure from society.  To stay thin?  No, to gain weight. You would be surprised how many hundreds of times my children and I have been told to eat a hamburger or that we are too skinny.  This world will never be happy with a particular look.  Each decade brings change to the social norm and that is none of your concern.  Muffin top, big bootie, baby bump, curveless, tall, small, or crooked, OWN it.

That is what speaks to people.  They perceive and react according to how YOU tell them to treat you and see you.  Confidence is beautiful.  The exterior image changes daily.  Embrace your inner goddess, the wise old crone, the sexy vixen, the comforting mother, the handsome god, the intelligent man.

Eat well, see beauty, surround yourself with confident, beautiful people, and walk tall.  This is an amazing journey.  Don’t miss the cherry blossoms while looking in the mirror.

You Are Beauty.