March 19, 2017-Your Future in Books


booksThere is much to learn.  There are many to things to become still.  Your passions driving you.  Are you wondering if you should leave the ordinary and embrace your true self?  Let the stars direct you.

  1. What are you really excited about today?  What are your passions?
  2. What are you better at than most of the people you know?
  3. What would people ask you for help with because they know that is your interest?

In my life, I have moved through many different places and times and passions and careers and spaces.  All of those culminate into wisdom I use today in my work and into the work I will be doing.  I have worked with Native shamans.  In Celtic witchcraft.  I have studied Ayurveda.  I know Native plant medicines like the back of my hand.  I watch videos of encouraging speakers.  I read.

What you read becomes a part of yourself.  It becomes a piece of the map in your life path.  What is your passion?  What is your dream?  Perhaps find a book today that will teach you more.  Or inspire you.  Inevitably, it will probably do both.  There is a world of wisdom and keys to unlocking doors in a pile of books near you.

What you passionate about today?  What are you reading?

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