March 20,2017-Spring and Wild Greens


Spring stretches her arms and yawns.  She wakes to see the sun shining in to greet her, hears chirping of the birds in the trees, the warming ground pulsating with life.  She gets up to throw open the shutters and wave good morning to the many spirits about.  The plants, the rocks, the trees, the animals, and I am glad to see her.  Welcome Spring!


I chopped up my last butternut squash that I grew last year and added it with a can of pinto beans to the crock pot.  Seasonings and a bit of water were added and the beautiful stew cooked silently all day becoming a savory treat.  Fifteen minutes before serving, I added a handful of chopped dandelion and yellow dock leaves that I had gathered.


Wild greens have ten times more nutrients than cultivated.  Protein, calcium, magnesium, folate, c, k, and iron just to name a few.  Adding wild greens to simple indigenous foods makes a healthy, easy, cost effective, and nurturing meal.  One of Spring’s beautiful gifts for the table and your health.  Happy Ostara!

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