March 22, 2017-A Small Gift


rocksLast summer I was walking through the canyon and came across a small heart shaped stone.  The next week I came across a piece of bone in the shape of a heart.  These thrilled me and I tucked them into my medicine bag.  A reminder to put love first in all aspects of life.  Later in the summer I put them back in the canyon.  I felt like they were not mine to keep.  I regretted it almost instantly.  They were so lovely and how often do we find heart shaped stones?

Here in our new city we walk miles, we walk trails, and paths, and new roads.  And all along the way we see literally dozens of heart shaped stones.  I could not possibly collect them all.  Just a few.  They are love letters from the earth.

One could go out searching for a feather or certain stone and never find one, but sometimes if we are very mindful and a student of nature, we are gifted one.

Perhaps take a walk today and report back what gift you received from the earth.