March 24, 2017-Wild Elements


She came in the night like a thunderous team of Percherons, their steely hooves freeing everything from its place, the driver howling like a banshee in the night.  Within Grandmother Wind’s carriage were the Rain Beings I had spoken to the other day.  About our intense fire danger and the dryness and asked if they were on their way.  They came on heels of wildness, as elements often do.

We worry that we are destroying the world, in our heightened view, but make no mistake that on a whisper from the Void, she could level us without much try.  Treat the elements as you would any deity or person or species, we are made of each element ourselves.  Show respect.  In this way when you speak to the Rain Beings or Grandfather Fire or Father Sun, your voice will be heard.  It is not unusual for medicine people to be able to bring on weather changes just by asking sincerely and understanding their fine magnificence and respecting their ferocity.  I am sure the rain and snow clouds heard many voices as of late.  Live in peace with the elements and make offerings for the moisture.