March 27, 2017-High Vibration Food


Where the wild foods live.  That would be a clever name of a book.  Wild food has ten times more nutrition than cultivated.  There is not enough wild foods left to feed each and every person so cultivated is also important.  Your own cultivated plants in your beautiful garden will have higher vibration and nutrition than the plants that come from the store.  Organic foods will have higher frequency.  Processed has very little, organic or not.  We cannot completely get away from processed foods because we need whole grains, and the occasional quick dinner are a way of life in our busy times.  The more high frequency food we consume, the higher frequency our consciousness, our health, our bodies, our minds, our contentment.  You are what you eat, Friends.  Let’s not become a McDonald’s fry.


Recognizing local greens is the first class.  A colorful book from the library identifying edible foods is a must.  Yellow dock, curly dock, burdock, and dandelion are anti-cancer and are delicious greens to put in foods in place of spinach or kale.  Mallow, lamb’s quarters, and purslane are delicious as well and extremely high in nutrients and medicine for the liver and lymphatic system.

Fruits are available from local trees and bushes in the late summer and fall.  Nuts from the trees are lovely as well.  Beautiful combinations in smoothies, teas, and in foods gives a great power to the body and mind and spirit.  They clear away toxins and create clarity and strength.

Plants from your own garden have your love and care grown right into them.  They have been lovingly tended to and are filled with delicious flavor and antioxidants.

crystal drink 3

In my blender I had a very large leaf of aloe that sadly broke off and a big handful of washed dock leaves.  In a saucepan on the stove I boiled one mallow root and leaves with two thick stems of Siberian elm cut up.  A chunk of ginger, a smaller of turmeric, and a few cinnamon sticks simmered in a quart of water or so.

blood stone

Once the decoction was a little cooler I slipped in two crystals.  You can use any crystals for your purpose.  I used blood stone for blood purity and celestite for opening channels to the heavens for creativity (and the book I am being given to write is flooding out!).  You could use rose quartz for love and healing, or tiger’s eye for luck and integrity at work, or any number of healing crystals.

crystal drink

When the concoction cools completely, strain, remove crystals, compost herbs and add cooled, strained water into blender with wild greens and aloe.  Blend.  The herbs we used are all demulcent, meaning gelatinous and soothing, and they froth up.  We added 2 ounces of the green frothy mixture to 2 ounces of organic orange juice and it tasted like an Orange Julius!

crystal drink 2

Disease lies on the cusp of dead foods and stress.  Keep your systems sharp with wild and medicinal foods as often as you can!



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    • Everything on the planet has a vibrational frequency. The human body is 528 hertz. If we consume very low frequency foods, such as meat (it’s dead), processed foods, fast foods, we start to see a decrease in our frequency which leads to depression and disease. Whereas high frequency plants and herbs help us maintain the energy level we are supposed to in order to enjoy clarity and health. All the more reason to forage!


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