March 28, 2017-The Enchanted Forest


No matter the weather, the forest is always enchanting.


The air has a perfumed complexity.  I breathe deeply attempting recognition.


Scents of floral, pine, vanilla, earth, mineral, rain permeates and intoxicates my senses into ethereal bliss.


The brooding mountain yonder threatens storm.


I lead an enchanted life.  My inner child is alive with joy as I giggle down the path.  Tree boughs lower to me, plants move without wind, dozens of heart shaped stones fill our path, small and large.  Animals appear.  Birds that I cannot find in any manual, that supposedly do not live here, fly near us and hover.

My husband catches photographs of these things to prove they are absolute reality and not inner child madness.  This is reality for us.

“Do you think everyone in our life knows this type of enchantment so common to us?” I ask.  Doug shakes his head.


I wish for everyone to be able to escape the status quo and the proper supposed realities of the world and see the real magic of this life.  To see the intense interconnectedness we share and be as comfortable speaking to trees as animals.  That our hearts open to the wonderment that exists beyond television shows and hectic work schedules.  I wish for everyone to experience this type of enchantment as their reality.

Now the universe has been so kind to gift me a book to write.  I am frantically recording.  “You As Sage” will be one’s passport to this enchanted world.

I have a new author page if you would like to follow along on this journey!  Let me know what you think of it. and on Facebook, 

Thank you.  A writer is nothing without readers.