March 29, 2017-Featherheart Finds Medicine

Featherhear Cover

I was sitting in a class at an herbal conference in New Mexico, on top of a mountain.  I opened my notebook and all of a sudden a story was given to me so fast that I had to hurry and write it down.  It has not needed to be edited at all.  It is the most beautiful story.  I feel like it was a gift to me.

New 2

I think that is why it is my favorite book I have written thus far.  My talented daughter, Emily Lynn, painted all of the pictures in watercolor for the book.  My husband put the whole thing together.  It stars my beautiful granddaughter, Maryjane.  It is a story about a little girl who goes with her Grammie wild crafting and learns about medicinal and edible foods while communing with the animals and birds around her.


It is a book that teaches the child, and the reader, about the plants in their own yard.  Emily’s pictures are vibrant and help the reader identify the plants.  It is an enchanting tale.  I get lost in it.  My real life Featherheart (that is her Native name) has been wild crafting with me since she was very, very little.

My book is now available on Amazon!

It is available for Kindle as well.