March 31, 2017-Protection for an Empath


DSC_4841Empaths are powerful creatures but empathy can be their own demise.  Empaths can sense things around them, pick up other people’s emotions, literally feel their heart hurt when someone they love is hurting, sometimes many miles away.  They have heightened senses and can sense danger.  They feel love immensely.  They feel sadness intensely.  This is why some empaths are mistakenly diagnosed as bipolar or depressed.  They just haven’t learned to manage their own ability.

There are different levels of empaths.  There are some that are just sensitive.  Tender hearted.  Then there are those that are intuitive, clairvoyant, whatever word you are comfortable using.  They are often healers.  They can sense just what a person needs.  If they are not shielding they will pick up the pains, and sometimes illnesses, of their clients and close ones and keep it.  This can cause chronic pain or severe anxiety later on.

Learning to filter is the single most important thing for an Empath to learn.  Since most of my shamanic work has been taught to me by Natives, I carried a medicine bag with me everywhere.  Filled with protective herbs and symbols, it did a fine job of helping me not take on the world’s emotions.  My best girlfriend gave me a necklace with a wire wrapped smoky quartz.  Combining the power of the stone and the power of her love for me, I realized that just wearing the necklace made me practically invisible when I wanted to be and I could do readings and help and listen without being affected.  Having a physical object that helps protect can be priceless and should be utilized.

Another part of filtering is expression.  Empaths are often creative people.  Writing, painting, creating are all beneficial ways to put out positive energy and express what they see and feel.  Walking in nature, indeed pure sunlight and moonlight, are imperative to the healing of an Empath.  Yoga is a beautiful form of focus and strength.  Since empaths are often thinking of six things at once, traditional meditation sometimes doesn’t work, but journeying through the mind in guided meditations is really beneficial.

Using Creator’s helpers; stones, gems, plants, nature, and watching for signs like animals and birds, listening to intuition, and respecting one’s own boundaries will make a powerful Empath a better healer and a happier human upon this journey.

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  1. It seems boastful to describe myself as an empath but that is what I am – a painful but beautiful place to be. Not sure if I’ve learned to manage protecting myself from other people’s emotions but acquiring a garden has helped.


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