April 1 and 2nd-Enchantment


hawk 2If I could sum up in one word what I would love to leave with those I meet, either in person or written word, it would be Enchantment.

My grandmother noted that she was so happy that we were enjoying Pueblo.  She expressed that so many people don’t see the beauty around them.

It is hard to notice and capture beauty and enchantment.  We wake up, we sleepily prepare for our day, drive to work, or take care of children, we watch television, we go to sleep.  If an owl flew across one’s path, would they notice?

I am speaking all weekend at the Southern Colorado Sustainability Expo.  I don’t have all the answers, but through my topics; “The Homestead Doctor,” “Chickens 101,” “Homestead Money,” and “High Altitude Farming,” I just hope that someone will leave inspired.  Inspired to get chicks, or cut some bills so they don’t have to work so much, to plant a row of corn, or to make their own antibiotics, whatever, but to be inspired.  To live.

Our people are sadly lacking in inspiration.  We are stuck in ruts, stuck in debt, stuck in “what we are supposed to do’s” and we are missing our life.  We are missing the crows on the porch.  Or the quartz on the sidewalk.  Or the child holding our hand.  Or the neighbor and tea.  Or being silent to find our inner Sage.


Remember the other day I mentioned the large, all black hawk that we see from time to time?  It doesn’t seem to exist in any bird book or online.  I noted that in the forest we saw him above us, floating, following.  Pictures to prove it!  Blown up 200% it is most certainly an all black hawk.


I looked out the living room window.  The window that faces a busy street.  “There is the hawk!” I yelled.  Doug turned around to see him circling around our ranch height window.  We ran outside and looked up.  Dozens of all black hawks circled our house.  Our neighbors came out but couldn’t see.  Cars drifted by without notice.  And there were multiples of birds, that don’t seem to exist, captured on film, swirling above us.  They gathered together, flew north in a whoosh, and were gone.

If I could sum up in one word what I would love to leave with those I meet, either in person or written word, it would be enchantment.  It’s really not as black and white as we were led to believe.


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