April 3, 2017-Being a Vessel


I rarely know what I will write when I begin.  I wake up and greet the dawn, sleepily pour a cup of strong coffee, sit and breathe in the morning.  I open my computer and start typing.  The clicking of the keys (I miss my typewriter) sound as words fly from my fingertips and into the void.  I am just the vessel.  I’ll read it after and say, “Boy, that’s good advice!”

When you are willing to open yourself to the creative process and life force of something bigger and wider and stronger and more vast and consuming than yourself, amazing things flow through you.  Albert Einstein said that the theories just came through him.  Hank Williams said the songs were given to him to write.  These every day geniuses were vessels.  You will be assisted along your every path if you are open.  Doors will obviously open, obviously close, the right people in the right place, the most astonishing “coincidences” occur.  It is an amazing life to let go of one’s ego and just be in this place and time and open to help others, to listen to that inner voice, to calmly accept ideas and visions and inspirations to put them into place so that those that need it can access it.

The only thing that can keep you from being an instrument of healing and inspiration and encouragement is when you believe you have power or control over things.  Money can be a tremendous setback.  Worrying about finances takes your mind and spirit off of the bigger work at hand (I am guilty of this and it is my worst distraction.) or worrying about what others think, or worrying about “what if’s” beyond our control.  I guess I could have summed this entire paragraph up with Stop Worrying!  You are a vessel for the love of the Universe.  Accept it, know that miracles are happening behind the scenes, and take this day to the next level of life and joy.  Compliment and help others, listen to the inner voice, spend some time outside, and if you get an idea, write it down!