April 5-Becoming Your Inner Medicine Person (the book and your advice)


I am always fascinated by the way ideas and art comes through a person from beyond.  This book I am writing is about becoming and maintaining the unfettered place of our inner sage.  That place where we approach everything with great love and compassion and are not derailed by fear or anger.  Where we can easily step back and see things as they are, or at least as the perceptions they are.  Where we can see all sides, understand compassionately feelings and fears and help others see their true potential and light.  To know inner peace.

I want to share with people how to look away from the mundane day to day and actually visit with the spirit realms and SEE the physical enchantments of our real life, this realm right here.  Of winged ones and wild animals that are our helpers, the movement of old trees, the wisdom of the earth.  That empathy will lead to healing for the earth, the people, and ourselves.

Think Dalai Lama, Gandhi, any number of notable sages.  We have that within us and it is accessible.  How do we not just settle into our inner sage sometimes (like when we are hiking and filled with ideas and joy), but all of the time?  Where the analytical mind and the moody inner child are secondary to our life experience.

Through this writing I am being taught so much.  I am seeing things in pictures, visions, ideas, my own experiences blown up in memory to help me piece it all together.  I will become a better person through writing this book.

So, questions for your, my dear ones, In what circumstances do your find yourself as your perfect higher self and Sage?  What advice have you been given by elders, or that you have to give, on how to become and live as your inner medicine person?

I think my grandmother has been the elder in my life that has shown me the most enchanting pieces of life.  From fairies, to gnomes, to actually seeing all of the beauty around me, she has been very influential in my enchanted life.  I very much want to hear about your stories.

Please respond here on the blog, on facebook, http://facebook.com/authorkatiesanders, or by email at Katie@WhiteWolfHerbs.com

I treasure your views.  Have an enchanting day!