April 9-The Metamorphosis


DSC_5427Think of that state of metamorphosis.  That place of breaking through your cocoon into the unknown.  That inescapable place in life where things must change and are about to.  Where the wisdom of change is undeniable and all attempts to remain firmly the same are powerfully moot.  You are becoming a butterfly, dang it, don’t fight it!

I suppose we become many butterflies over our lifetime here.  Just as we are getting used to a particular place or title, off we go to the next adventure.  Folks can choose to not change and their paths will be more subtle but unhappiness may reign on them if they are not living their truth and if they are not becoming who the great Creator has planned for them to be.

Those moments when one feels they are doing everything they can to solve a problem and keep running into the same locked door.  Over and over again they bang on the same door when the door to the great wide expanse of being and answer is just to their right.  Problem is, they have to jump.  And that, my friends, is terrifying.  I do love it when the universe sends a parachute.

Doors open, friends are met, people are placed in one’s path, someone knows someone, a great idea comes to the forefront of mind, and the path becomes clear.  That act of faith is not for the weak hearted, but that is why we go through so much in our lives, to make us stronger and more ready for the work that lay ahead.  If you just took that opportunity, made that jump, you could become more of who you were meant to be.  You could fly.

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