April 15-Life School (the loving scholar)


DSC_5643This world, this lifetime, is our school.  We have a responsibility to learn as much as we can, in various subjects, to seek wisdom in all areas.  Take care not to sit idly in religious boxes and state that you are fulfilling your purpose by simply worshiping your God, for that makes people indifferent, closed, and often destructive if their only work is based on translated verse.  Do be brave enough to research and study other religions, other cultures, other thoughts.  It may surprise you when everything you believed so firmly fetters and tumbles, but rejoice that you enter more knowing.  Through ignorance we remain solidly blind.


There are truths woven throughout history and time and places and people.  There are misinterpretations as well.  Do not allow your mind to find a place in a fenced area of others, unable to see the world and its people. Take every moment to breathe, and learn, and read, and speak, and love so fiercely that your heart opens, your mind expands, your inner child is satiated, and you can clearly see.  And at the point you think you understand spirituality and how it all works, and how we are all made, go then and learn some more.  Garner wisdom every day you are in our life school.  For it is much bigger and more beautiful than anything we as students can fully understand.  It is what makes life so astounding.

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