252 Photographs (capturing and living the moment now)


“You will have to see the pictures of Maryjane that Dad took,” I told Emily, “He took like two hundred!” I further exclaimed, thinking I was exaggerating.

“Two hundred and fifty two,” Doug corrected.

I asked him why he took so many pictures.  He replied that it is easier to delete a photo than to go back and get a picture you missed.  Wise words for life in general.

I am not proud of it, but when I make plans with people I try to get out of it.  I always think of ways to stay home.  It is not the people, it is me.  The anxious hermit in me sure tries to stay safe and stay home!  I never regret making memories though.  Yesterday my friends went to Canon City and we were to partake in a wine tasting at the Abby.  We hadn’t really rested since we came home from our trip and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be gallivanting around but we jumped in the Fiat and went.


We were early for our tasting appointment and headed into the hills to find a particular trail.  Upwards we steadily shot above all of the world it seemed.  The views were spectacular, the laughter within the car hysterical, and the memories will never be erased.  The day was lovely and of course I did not regret going on an adventure.

While we were in the gift shop I noticed a description of an artist that was given next to her art.  Silver Woman was her name.  I notice a lot of people going by more spiritual names these days in their art.  We seem to be in a profound shift and light workers are stepping forth.  I had a very profound experience where I was told that my name was Owl Song.  This is not surprising since we are visited by so many owls as messengers, they leave us feathers, they fly next to our car, they sing wherever we go.  What a lovely name to accept.


“You changed your name to Owl Song?!” my friend’s four year old asked laughing.  Well, it sounded kind of stupid when you hear a four year old say it.  But then there was Silver Woman’s name and myriads of others that cross my path.

Our moments are ever passing, this moment gone, the next gone, we must catch what time and enchantment we can to keep us inspired and to be our true selves.  So drive up the mountain, make memories, don’t say no, go by your spirit name, laugh with birds, sing loudly, and live as much as you can.  It is easier to do so now then to come back after life and do it.

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