April 19, 2017- Release


There is a universal shift happening.  You may have felt it or may have heard of it.  There is change coming.  You may have noticed it.  Many of people have lost their jobs.  Lost everything they owned.  Possessions being peeled away.  Lost various relationships.  Many people have passed on.  Everything we are holding onto with the firmness of a baby blanket is being taken and changes swirl in the air.  Emotions are static and hard to pin down.  Sadness rises.  Chaos feels like an everyday occurrence.

It started about two years ago and will continue for the next few at least.  This shift goes by many names but it is a real energetic shift.  People who were a little intuitive or sensitive are now very much so.  Psychic abilities, healing abilities, visions, dreams, especially in our younger generation are coming forth with a ferocity and light workers are stepping out of the shadows.

Do not get caught up in the thickness of fog, but rather enjoy the enchanted beauty of fog.  Once we release, the fog will lift.  “Release,” the wind whispers.  There are great things for you, new work, new outlooks, transcendence.  Be willing to let the change occur.