Releasing the Old (not without a fight)



Oh, it was a lovely idea to do a 365 day daily inspiration, wasn’t it?  The new year does bring so much hope.  Problem is, I am not inspired every day of the year and rather than post memes and quotes and have random days missing, let’s just say it was a good shot and that real life has taken over.  I love writing every day, but not in the format I thought I would.  Little tidbits of wisdom are so lovely, but I may not be the wise one to give them to you each morning.  Let’s talk real life.

In the fall of 2012 I learned what a blog was.  Another way to journal, record, and share.  I was hooked and was born.  It is a lovely, eclectic blog filled with heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking stories about farm animals, farming, and life.  It includes recipes, travel tips and wine notes as well as how to birth goats and raise children and chickens.  I wrote a book of the same title.  (

After we lost our farm I didn’t have the money to get the domain name again and it went to one of those scammy companies that holds it ransom for some odd thousand dollars.  I took instead.  Since then we have searched to see if we can get the .com back.  This week imagine my surprise when I see it belongs to another wordpress blogger.  Someone else is Farmgirl School.

“But I made that up!” I pout and stomp.  Doug reminds me that I have wondered about giving up that blog for a long time.  I lost my farm almost two years ago and I am not a Farmgirl anymore.  So wrapped up is my identity in that name that I hold onto it like a baby blanket.  The universe pulls at it…”No, it’s mine!” I screech.  I was asked to be on a prepper radio show this month.  I guess I’m just not that same identity anymore.  I have chickens and a garden.  I am a vegetarian.  Not much of a Farmgirl.

Now needs to be renewed.

Always layers being peeled off of us.  Why do we hold onto things that we no longer identify with?  That don’t serve us?  Why is change so difficult for humans?  What are you still holding on to?

I hold onto the corner of another blanket as the unseen pulls…”But I am an herbalist!” I insist…

To be continued….