Make Your Own Ginger Brandy for Tummy Troubles (works in minutes)


You know that moment in the middle of the night when you realize you shouldn’t have eaten that?  Digestive issues are never fun.  Stumbling around in the dark trying to find something to take to stop the discomfort…


I can never find my medicine bag (or the living room) in moments like that, but lucky for me I keep my friend, Lisa’s bottle of ginger brandy in the bathroom for unfortunate times such as those.  After two years it is nearly gone so I called her to get her instructions to make more.

Quite simply, it is 1 part organic ginger to 4 parts good Brandy.  Juice some ginger and add that in too.  I like to put it in a canning jar.  Let sit for six weeks.  I do this recipe in my shop as well, but I blend it with our herbs and I use vinegar and agave or rum.  Alcohol works faster in medicines and the brandy is so delicious and much easier to take a nip from than rum.  A nip, being roughly a half a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon can be swished around in the dark, then swallowed.  By the time you make it back to bed you will feel better.

Amazing, isn’t it?  So simple.  A tasty way to help the body recover from tummy troubles.  Thanks, Lisa!

P.S. On a side note, this is quite tasty even when you don’t have tummy troubles.  You can make a whole quart of it and give some out to friends as gifts.

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  1. Patti Rightmire says:

    Thank you I am going to make this..


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