The Little Amends To Earth

On a blanket snuggled into the grass we lounged heavenly in the park.  The day was temperate and the colors were vibrant and rich.  We kissed and hugged and breathed in the odd day.


Oh, some twenty feet away was a sumac bush and I did indeed need to harvest some for medicine.  The soft, red-violet spears gleamed in the afternoon sun.  I pulled out my pocket knife and severed it from its stalk only to find, to my great confusion, that is was plastic.  The base was hollow, the spear perfect, in all its manufactured form.

That was when I realized that the entire park was synthetic.  The trees, the plants, the grass, everything in sculptured form, but not real.  The horror struck me as I realized that the natural world was gone.  Footprints crossed the shiny grass, those of bear and deer.  Etched into the space to teach children what used to be here, what used to live.


These dreams are not new to me.  Subtle messages that come to me in slumber.  I put the coffee pod in the machine (recyclable…) and drive nearly two hours to work (my car has good gas mileage…), so I am not preaching.  I am not perfect, however I get the messages.

Now mind you I have no need for the government to step in and save the world because the only way they will do so is if it profits them.  I should also mention that my money is on Mother Nature.  Lord, I would hate to be in the midst of her fury.  Unsustainable civilizations do tend to be taken out.  But, it all does seem so overwhelming doesn’t it?  Imperfect, as humans we are, we just don’t know where to start.

Our valiant water protesters left behind nine giant truck loads of trash and several abandoned dogs in their wake.  We want new forms of energy that cause equal or more damage.  You will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to give up the grocery store or the hospital or new toys.  So, what do we do?


Little things.  Clothes line.  Drive less.  Reusable coffee cup.  Bulk aisle.  Less packaging.  Recycle.  Buy recycled (it doesn’t do us any good to recycle paper and then not buy recycled toilet paper and other goods!).  Eat plant based foods.  Visit nature daily.  Be humble.  Plant trees.  Reuse clothing.  Be mindful.  Put out birdseed and water.  Walk.  Little things.  We must make amends to the great Mother Earth.  She is so glorious.

One thought on “The Little Amends To Earth

  1. I agree, but it does catch on, when I was first recycling I used to drive into the next district once a month with all my plastic and tin because they had a centre that took it. Now we get recyclables collected from the bottom of our drive once a fortnight and everyone is doing it. Small steps!


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