What If?



What if God is the God of the Israelites and God is Allah and God is the American Indian’s Creator and the Pagan Celt’s God and Goddess, and the Buddhist’s Divine, and the same the world and history over?

What if Jesus is Buddha is Muhammad is the Calf Woman is the Sun God is the same the world and history over?  What if the religions that span ten thousand years and more longer than the newer, few thousand years or less, are the real and the new is borrowed literature?


What if they are all the same?

Perhaps our circumstances, place in history, and place on the planet determines where we might be most comfortable connecting to the Divine.  Perhaps the aspects and facets of everything and every ceremony are the same.  Perhaps we try so hard to connect with this Source of our Creation when really, we look in the mirror and we are there.  We look within and see.


Spirituality and peace stem from knowing we are interconnected and the same as every similar cellular structure in the universe.  We are the same chemical makeup as stars, as earth, as animals, as the Divine.  We are all the same and believe all the same if we were to unravel all the convoluted mysteries (most man made).


What if we eliminated the “exclusivity” of religion in all its box forms (and underlying animosities and hate) and allowed the breath of truth to emanate through us and around us and find that common bond with each living thing; from medicinal plant, to insect, to mammal, to bird, to tree, to person, to Higher Powers.


Our individual journeys lead us through many places and spaces of wisdom and light.  May we flip the lid off of the proverbial box and look around.  Perhaps we are all the same and we are all saved because we were never doomed.  And Love in all its lovely forms and feels is the real connection and is all of the healing power one needs to Live.

What if?